MBSEPak | SysML Integration

Integrate your systems modeling and analytical toolsets

Improve efficiency and affordability of complex systems design


MBSEPak enables users to link SysML parametric models defined in Rational Rhapsody® or MagicDraw® with multi-disciplinary analysis models developed in PHX ModelCenter®. When designing, optimizing and validating complex systems and products, this integrated capability:

  • Streamlines the system
    development process
  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Reduces errors and costly re-work
  • Addresses changes to design requirements efficiently, helping to save money by minimizing schedule slippage

Systems engineers are increasingly using model-based systems engineering (MBSE) tools based on graphic modeling languages such as SysML in place of traditional document-based approaches to define and track all aspects of a system as it is being developed. MBSE tools like Rhapsody and MagicDraw however are generally very limited in their ability to easily link the system model to the analytical software applications that domain experts use to predict design performance and cost. As a result, systems engineers and domain experts are forced to rely on ad-hoc communication and manual translation of data. This process is both error-prone and time consuming, and significantly limits the number of design configurations that can be evaluated in the time allotted.



  • Connects PHX ModelCenter to MBSE software applications (currently Rhapsody and MagicDraw).
  • Automatically generates PHX ModelCenter models from SysML parametric diagrams.
  • Is accessible from within both the MBSE tool (MBSE Analyzer mode) and ModelCenter (MBSE Plug-In mode), allowing engineers and analysts to work in the environment that is most familiar to them.

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