ModelCenter® Organize is a digital library that enables engineers to easily:

  • Archive both data and meta-data used in and generated by model-based engineering applications
  • Collaborate and share information with other team members and among stakeholder
  • Establish and preserve the relationships between datasets to achieve traceability
  • Reuse engineering data on future projects

ModelCenter® Organize improves productivity and collaboration by enabling users to capture, preserve,
manage, share, and reuse engineering knowledge and data.


ModelCenter® Organize provides a revision controlled workgroup level solution for facilitating communication between team members, preserving important information and knowledge for future reuse, and helping to document the design and decision making process. It enables the effective use and sharing of the data and meta-data generated by integrated simulation models via a number of tools and interfaces for accessing, browsing, and searching the data repository.

A web interface and simple drag-and-drop enabled Windows client allow engineers to easily archive and organize simulation models, key results, designs, charts, and supporting technical data. When content is first copied to the repository, meta-data (key results, geometry, charts, custom reports) can be automatically extracted and attached to each data item.

ModelCenter® Organize enables process efficiencies and effectiveness. For small to mid-size companies, this is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain simulation data management solution. For larger companies this is an engineering work-in-process solution.

ModelCenter® Organize is data and vendor agnostic. It works with your data and your process and publishes to any corporate-mandated environment to handle final data. Users are able to search and reuse data efficiently, collaborate online and capture knowledge with fewer "lost" files and change notifications. Avoid error-generated rework.