Software Training and Consulting

Phoenix Integration provides an array of training courses for all types of users. Each course offers the opportunity to acquire new skills to better utilize PHX ModelCenter in solving your engineering problems. Courses are presented in a workshop format where lessons and tutorials are alternated for immediate hands-on experience. Training can be delivered at the customer's site, at the Phoenix Integration R&D Center in Blacksburg, VA, or online via WebEx Training Center. Custom training courses are also available including topics such as NASTRAN, NX, ANSYS, PHX CenterLink.

Introduction to Simulation-based Design featuring PHX ModelCenter (2 Days)

This foundational course is a basic introduction to PHX ModelCenter and Analysis Server.

  • Build models in PHX ModelCenter
  • Use Plug-Ins to quickly integrate COTS tools
  • Manage design information
  • Perform trade studies
  • Wrap simulation tools
Design Exploration & Optimization Training (1 Day)

Comprehensive training covers all of our design exploration and optimization tools. It is highly recommended that students have either attended the Introduction to Simulation-based Design featuring PHX ModelCenter training and/or have previous practical experience with PHX ModelCenter/Analysis Server as a prerequisite.

  • Design Explorer
  • Variable Influence Profiler
  • Prediction Profiler
  • Darwin
  • RSMToolkit
PHX ModelCenter Plug-In Training (1.5 Days)

This course teaches the user how to create Plug-Ins in PHX ModelCenter. Java (with Eclipse) is the primary language used, but tutorials also exist for C#, Visual Basic, and C++.

  • Creating a PHX ModelCenter Plug-In
  • Registering the Plug-In with ModelCenter
  • Best practices for Plug-In development
  • Developing a Graphical User Interface
  • Trade Study Plug-In
  • Component Plug-In
  • Data Collector Plug-In

Consulting Services

Phoenix Integration offers consulting services to provide solutions to customer problems. Consulting days are utilized as desired, and can cover such topics as problem assessment, architecture development, custom software development, Phoenix Integration software deployment, analysis tool development, and analysis tool automation. From high priority project support to expert guidance over your Phoenix Integration software implementation, we will meet your needs—whatever they may be.