Analysis of Alternatives and Conceptual Design of a Two-Stage to Orbit (TSTO) Vehicle | SPACEWORKS ENGINEERING

August 24, 2010
John Bradford
SpaceWorks Engineering

Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is used frequently by engineers and analysts who are evaluating multiple design concepts. The goal is to identify the best configurations, or alternatives, when many variables can be changed across a very wide design space. By reducing thousands of design choices to the best few alternatives during the conceptual phases of design, time is not wasted on infeasible and/or weak design possibilities. In addition to time savings, the economic implications of pinpointing viable design options at the conceptual stage are significant.

The work presented in this webinar will demonstrate conceptual design analysis of a Two Stage to Orbit (TSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) model to determine feasibility for future studies. An analysis of alternatives will be conducted within PHX ModelCenter for sizing and cost analysis, specifically featuring data visualization, trade studies, and design of experiments. PHX ModelCenter® offers unique trade study, visualization, and optimization tools specifically designed for AoA and providing a decision support environment for performance, cost, and operational assessments.

Demonstration featuring: PHX ModelCenter 9.0, Design of Experiments, Data Visualizer, Design Explorer Optimizer, and SpaceWorks Engineering’s Concept Modeler with AeroSurface-Sizer (geometry generation), Missile DATCOM (aerodynamics code), REDTOP-Lite (propulsion code), Excel-based Cost Model

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