An Application of MBE/MBSE for Implanted Wireless Biotelemetry Systems | NORTHROP GRUMMAN MISSION SYSTEMS presenting his Johns Hopkins University Research Work

October 24, 2017
Mr. Kerron Duncan
Manager, Modeling, Simulations and Analysis
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems presenting his Johns Hopkins University Research Work


This work proposes a model based approach to the development of a wireless biotelemetry communications system model that enables early architecture trades and optimization for performance, safety and power efficiency.  This integrated safe-performance system model is constructed using a model based engineering framework which enables the digital integration of requirements, architecture and disparate performance models to determine the optimal solution for an implanted communication system. In the conceptual and early design phases of a biotelemetry system one must consider the constraints of implanting devices in humans and animals, as well as those imposed on short range, high data rate wireless communications. 

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