Applications for Three Research Use Cases in Model Centric Engineering using ModelCenter and MBSEPak | STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

February 7, 2018
Dr. Mark Blackburn
Principal at T-VEC Technologies
Stevens Institute of Technology
Dr. John Dzielski
Deputy Director Maritime Security Laboratory
Stevens Institute of Technology


This presentation discusses perspectives of Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) research uses cases for model-centric engineering (MCE) sponsored by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the United States (US) Army RDECOM-ARDEC. The presentation discusses three different research applications developed to illustrate how our research team have used ModelCenter and MBSEPak for:

  1. Developing Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization workflows for Key Performance Parameter examples at the system level,
  2. ModelCenter integrated with a Graphical Concept of Operation (CONOPS) example using the Unity gaming engine at the mission level,
  3. ModelCenter and MBSEPak, with MagicDraw SysML to formalize the concept of an Assessment Flow Diagram, which is part of a recent PhD Decision framework and process.

Research collaborators: Dr. Matthew Cili (ARDEC), Dr. Steven Hoffenson, Dr. Roger D. Jones, Brian Chell (PhD Student)

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