A Better Design with Model-Based Systems Engineering: Functional Verification using System-Level Modeling | MAPLESOFT and PHOENIX INTEGRATION

May 10, 2017
Paul Goossens
Vice President, Engineering Solutions
Subodh Chaudhari
Sr. Application Engineer
Phoenix Integration

Complex engineering systems are managing more requirements than ever before, and at every stage of the development process there can be unexpected outcomes. To minimize development cycles, engineers should continuously verify each design phase against their requirements.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises to manage the design requirements of complex systems in a tightly integrated fashion, allowing for efficient requirements validation throughout the design process.  What do we really mean when we talk about MBSE, though? Across engineering domains, notions of systems engineering can vary so much that it’s hard to speak the same language.

This webinar will cover some of the key concepts of MBSE, and show how the methodology can bring major advantages to the engineering design process.  The presentation will demonstrate how a change in the specified operating conditions for an electric vehicle can be simulated to reveal the impact on design requirements – all before a prototyping stage.  The ModelCenter integration environment allows the combination of design requirements in SysML with system models in MapleSim for functional verification.  This highly integrated environment enables the engineering design team to readily verify a proposed system against its specification long before investing in the prototyping stage. 

The ability to verify functional requirements easily is a major step forward in the MBSE process, significantly reducing project risks and unexpected late-stage design changes.

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