June 8, 2017
Dr. J. Simmons
Lead Application Engineer
Phoenix Integration


Do you remember the opening credits to the “Six Million Dollar Man”? Richard Anderson does a voice over talking about title character, Steve Austin, “We can rebuild him. We have the technology… He will be better than he was before… better, stronger, faster.”

Anderson could just as well be talking about ModelCenter. Over the last nine months the Phoenix Integration development team has rebuilt ModelCenter, and it is “better, stronger, and faster.” Thanks to the improvements in ModelCenter, you can reduce the time it takes you to prepare results from trade studies, have greater confidence in your designs, and bring the full power of ModelCenter Explore to your large workflows.

This “better, stronger, faster” ModelCenter is version 12.0. Join Phoenix Integration’s Dr. J. Simmons as he demonstrates the improvements in ModelCenter 12 by revisiting his Ph.D. research to answer the question “Just how much better, stronger, and faster is the new ModelCenter?” Dr. Simmons is a Lead Application Engineer with over 12 years of experience using ModelCenter in industry and academia including his work at the Air Force Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in Space Systems Engineering.

This webinar will cover the improved ease of use and appearance of ModelCenter’s all-new plotting infrastructure and ModelCenter’s improved robustness and performance with large workflows from its new 64 bit architecture.


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