Functional Verification of Complex Engineering Designs using System-Level Modeling | MAPLESOFT and PHOENIX INTEGRATION

January 17, 2018
Paul Goossens
Vice President, Engineering Solutions
Andy Ko, Ph.D.
Manager, Engineering Services


Maplesoft Phoenix Integration Presentation Jan 17 2018

As engineered products become increasingly complex, manufacturers are forced to rethink their design processes, and there has been a growing adoption of the systems design & development process. This approach provides a framework whereby complex multi-disciplinary systems can be broken down into subsystems to a level of granularity that allows various design teams to focus on their specific contexts then carefully integrate them and verify the outcomes against requirements throughout the process.

In order to reduce the cost and disruption caused by late-stage design changes, there is a lot of attention being paid to processes and tools to help identify and address possible design issues as early in the process as possible. In particular there has been an emergence of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools to manage the vast amount of interrelated design requirements across disciplines, and Model-based Design (MBD) tools to allow engineers to develop conceptual designs of the system to address those requirements.

Attend this webinar to learn how MBSE tools manage the design requirements of complex systems in a tightly integrated fashion. This allows for efficient design verification and validation against requirements, throughout the development process.  A detailed case-study will demonstrate how a change in the specified operating conditions for an electric vehicle can be simulated to reveal the impact on the battery design requirements very early in the design process.

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