February 26, 2013
Peter Menegay, Ph.D.
Research Manager; Hongman Kim, Ph.D.
Technical Lead, Phoenix Integration

Connect your system model with a software environment that integrates and executes analytical simulation tools and performs trade studies. Systems engineers are increasingly using model-based systems engineering (MBSE) practices and tools in place of traditional document-based approaches to define and track all aspects of a system as it is being developed. MBSE software tools that utilize graphical modeling languages such as SysML are often used to define system models.

Systems engineers and domain experts can now link MBSE tools with PHX ModelCenter® to more easily exchange information, check requirements conformance, and perform trade studies throughout the design process. MBSE Pak connects PHX ModelCenter to various MBSE software applications including IBM Rational Rhapsody® and MagicDraw®. MBSE Pak automatically generates PHX ModelCenter models from SysML parametric diagrams.

Attend this live demonstration to learn how this integrated capability is used when designing, optimizing, and validating complex systems and products to:

  • Streamline the system development process
  • Increase collaboration
  • Reduce errors and costly re-work
  • Address inevitable changes to requirements with greater efficiency
  • Save money by minimizing schedule slippage
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