Model Based Systems Engineering: Requirements Development, System Design, Process Integration and Design Optimization for Systems Engineering of Textile Machines | ENGINEERING METHODS AG

March 7, 2016
Dr. Sven Kleiner
Engineering methods AG

This presentation will discuss the experience and challenges of introducing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods in an industry environment. The specific use case will be the design of a textile machine at Karl Mayer, the German market leader in textile machinery design and development (

Today, many companies are asking the questions – “What added value is offered by the integration of MBSE with respect to their conventional and established development processes? “What benefits will arise with respect to reduced product development time, cost savings, and increases in productivity, quality and innovation?”

These questions will be addressed in the context of a practical industry example. In this example, ModelCenter’s MBSEPak is used to provide the link between the physical models of individual engineering disciplines and a higher-level systems architecture model authored in SysML. The use of this MBSE approach allows system engineers or system architects to consider and optimize all aspects of the multidisciplinary system and to verify requirement satisfaction throughout the design process. Several demonstrations will be presented illustrating the use of CAMEO System Modeler, SimulationX, and other relevant tools.

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