Multi-Level Modeling Framework for Rapid “What If” Analysis | PHOENIX INTEGRATION and ANALYTICAL GRAPHICS, INC. (AGI)

September 25, 2012
Scott Woyak, Ph.D.
Phoenix Integration
Kevin Flood, Ph.D.
Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)

Many tools exist in the modeling and simulation enterprise at various levels of detail and fidelity. However, these tools are generally not connected. Typical “what if” questions require integrated results from low–level, physics–based engineering simulations, scenario–based simulations and high–level military campaign simulations. Producing these results requires many experts to run individual models, translate results in manual process to the next level of simulation and successively build up that traceability. Iteration in that process is time–consuming.

Integration of AGI’s STK and ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration results in a framework that automates much of this process using data sets and tools that exist today, and is organized to take advantage of emerging practices such as Model–Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Additionally, the STK and PHX ModelCenter combination provides user interfaces that make model building as easy as possible and gives the user visual environments in which to build and validate their models.

Attend this live demonstration to learn how this framework is used to:

  • Integrate engineering simulations with campaign–level simulations
  • Rapidly answer “what if” questions to address future mission requirements
  • Model multiple operational domains into a single framework
  • Link systems engineering practices with executable simulations
  • Tie engineering detail to system-level measures of effectiveness
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