Opportunities for Workflow Automation in an Engineering Environment Webinar | GKN AEROSPACE

November 14, 2019
Max Markestein
Manager Stress Engineering
Fokker Aerostructures B.V.


Fokker Technologies develops lightweight metal and composite structures for aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Gulfstream, and Dassault. The product portfolio ranges from fuselage panels to movables and empennages with different materials and technologies.

In the development of a design, the stress engineer justifies strength, stiffness, and durability through simulations and calculations. The stress analyses in the aerospace industry are characterized by the use of validated toolsets and methods, sometimes with a long legacy and old fashioned way of use. In the work of validating a design, the stress engineer often seems to have a huge task to shift data from one tool to another. There is clearly an opportunity for workflow automation there.

Workflow automation also offers opportunities for deployment of tools and standardization of methods. Due to the increasing capabilities of finite element solvers and computing power, specific design features can be analyzed by finite element calculations. Offering the analysis of these features as a simple tool to the engineer is often referred to as democratized cae and another opportunity for workflow automation.

One further benefit in having setup these workflow automations, is that they can be included in the optimization or design of experiments to investigate the robustness of a design.

The presentation will highlight these opportunities using ModelCenter within Fokker Aerostructures. Fill out the form and start watching our Opportunities for Workflow Automation in an Engineering Environment on-demand webinar now!

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