Optimization and Sizing of a Reusable Rocket-Powered, Vertical Takeoff and Landing Booster Stage | SPACEWORKS ENGINEERING

June 19, 2014
Brad St. Germain
Director of Advanced Concepts Group
SpaceWorks Engineering

SpaceWorks Engineering (SEI) has leveraged PHX ModelCenter® to develop an optimization and sizing model for designing multi-stage launch vehicles that utilize a reusable booster first stage with vertical landing capability. This model features a unique trajectory simulation tool called ‘Quickshot’ and is fully coupled with other disciplinary analysis tools for trajectories (ascent and visualization), aerodynamics, propulsion, and mass properties.

This webinar will outline the design problem and the solution formulation, provide an overview of the optimization environment and toolsets incorporated, and present results for a candidate launch system. In addition, the performance impact of incorporating the reusable stage in comparison to an “equivalent” fully-expendable system will be compared and discussed.

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