Optimize Design for Maximum Profitability with MDAO | PHOENIX INTEGRATION

January 26, 2010
Peter Menegay, Ph.D.
Senior Solutions Engineer
Phoenix Integration

Phoenix Integration provides software solutions that empower engineers to explore a design space and find the best solutions that meet all specified design requirements. For this presentation, a wind turbine model was created to demonstrate the benefits of modeling and simulation by applying Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization (MDAO) with PHX ModelCenter® 9.0 to the problem of designing a potential wind farm for minimum cost of energy given a specific wind profile, environmental constraints, and site requirements.

Initial variables—desired power output, wind conditions at the particular site, size of the site, cost of various wind turbine machine configurations, and noise considerations—are linked together in PHX ModelCenter 9.0 using mathematical functions that represent each of the chosen variables. The functions enable a range of values to be chosen for each input parameter with a resulting output being calculated in each case. The model includes a feedback path allowing optimization to be accomplished based on a chosen parameter such as, in this case, the cost of generating electricity in terms of dollars per kilowatt-hour.

Demonstration featuring: PHX ModelCenter 9.0, Data Visualizer, Design Explorer Optimizer, Prediction Profiler, and NREL Models for Wind Turbine Sizing

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