MDAO for Conceptual Aircraft Design at Northrop Grumman | NORTHROP GRUMMAN

October 22, 2015
David McCormick
MDAO IPT Lead, Aerospace Systems
Northrop Grumman

MDAO for conceptual aircraft design at NGC is being embraced fully via ModelCenter. Through a multi–year internal project focused on incorporating automated methods into the process, significant progress has been made in refining the end–to–end modeling process from construction to results analysis. This process in progress has been used on several CRAD’s, and more recently on several active aircraft programs.

The primary issues as seen by NGC and has been the focus of the project are primarily related to how people interact with the ModelCenter environment rather than specific techniques within the environment itself. Issues that we have tackled (and continue to tackle) that will be discussed include speeding up setup time through parallel development, reducing the system–level Nˆ2 operator’s workload, maintaining traceability, continuous model verification and minimizing code maintenance.

In summary, we are seeing great progress in reducing the cycle time from problem statement to results generation when compared to earlier applications of ModelCenter and NGC. In our experience, reducing this initial setup wait time is critical to internal customer satisfaction and is something we credit with increased adoption around the company.

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