Phoenix Enables Rapid Conceptual Design Process for Lockheed Martin | LOCKHEED MARTIN

May 12, 2009
Ed Scholl
Rapid Conceptual Design Manager
Lockheed Martin

In this webinar, Ed Scholl will share Lockheed’s experience and success with Phoenix software and how it is used to accelerate their conceptual design process. With PHX ModelCenter®, Lockheed Martin can evaluate hundreds of design points in their trade studies in the amount of time previously required to analyze just a few point designs.

Making the conceptual design process more efficient provides value to Lockheed Martin by allowing engineers to better evaluate and compare design alternatives given the limited amount of time and resources available. Ultimately, it allows for a greater understanding of the trade space, resulting in more robust designs, which leads to increased business and better performance on contracts.

Demonstration featuring: Phoenix software overview, Lockheed Martin’s Rapid Conceptual Design (RCD) process, RCD implementation and results, and lessons learned about Phoenix software adoption

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