Phoenix Integration and the Skunk Works® A History of Success, A Path to the Future | LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION

November 12, 2015
Clif Davies
Senior Staff Aeronautical Engineer
Lockheed Martin Corporation

The Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs is renowned for its innovation in aircraft design since its founding in the 1940’s. The increasing complexity of our products and maturation of computing power and analysis tools has brought about a rapid change in the aerospace design process. The level of capability and integration which must be included in an increasingly affordability constrained design requires new design process development to remain competitive.

The Skunk Works has had a long relationship with Phoenix Integration, almost since its founding. In the late 1990’s ADP conducted a build/buy evaluation to determine what we would use for the foundational integration framework for our rapidly growing MDAO needs. In the final result the Phoenix Integration ModelCenter suite of products was chosen as MDAO environment which provided the capability and flexibility to match the very wide range of products, and hence design processes, that ADP needed. This presentation will provide an overview of our evolution with ModelCenter, some examples of design problems which it has been applied to, and discuss some of the future directions driving MDAO for Aerospace.

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