Our training courses help you to maximize the return on your ModelCenter investment

Our comprehensive courses are presented in an interactive workshop format where formal lessons and hands-on tutorials are interspersed with practical advice and discussions of best practices.

Training can be delivered at the customer’s site or at any one of our office locations (Blacksburg, VA, Elkridge, MD, Novi MI, or Lyon, France). Training courses can also be made available online via WebEx upon request.

Custom training courses are available.

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Standard Training Courses

1ModelCenter Integrate (2 days)

This course is a basic introduction to ModelCenter. It is the foundation class.


  • Build workflows in ModelCenter
  • Use ModelCenter plug-ins to quickly integrate COTS tools
  • Manage design information
  • Perform trade studies
  • Wrap simulation tools

Students finishing this course will have the capability to automate their own analyses and build automated workflows from them.

Prerequisites: NONE

2ModelCenter Explore (1 day)

Comprehensive training covers all of our design exploration and optimization tools

  • Design of Experiments
  • Variable Influence Profiler
  • Prediction Profiler
  • Design Explorer Optimizer
  • Darwin Optimizer
  • RSMToolkit

Students finishing this course will have a process to follow to properly explore a design space apply optimization techniques with confidence.

Prerequisites: Previous completion of the ModelCenter Integrate training or equivalent ModelCenter practical experience.

3ModelCenter Systems Engineering Integration Module Training (1 day)

This course teaches the student how to use our Systems Engineering Integration Module with either MagicDraw (NoMagic, Inc.) or Rhapsody (IBM).

  • Connecting descriptive systems models to ModelCenter analysis models
  • Updating SysML models using analysis and trade study results
  • Perform requirements compliance analysis
  • Perform trade studies from within the SysML modeling tool

Students finishing this course will be able to link SysML to ModelCenter and perform analysis or trade studies directly from either MagicDraw or Rhapsody

Prerequisites: Previous completion of the ModelCenter Integrate training or equivalent ModelCenter practical experience, and familiarity with the SysML tool used in the course

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