Reduce Cost by Performing Efficient Reliability Analysis | SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE

November 18, 2014
John McFarland, Ph.D.
Senior Research Engineer, Probabilistic Mechanics Section
Southwest Research Institute
Subodh Chaudhari
Application Engineer
Phoenix Integration

Modeling and simulation methods are often used by engineers to analyze and design products. However, real world variations in material properties, manufacturing dimensions, and environmental conditions are usually not considered. A design that works well under simulated conditions may in fact fail when subjected to real world conditions. This can lead to product recalls, warranty expenses, and costly rework.

To minimize these costs, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability of all candidate designs as part of the engineering analysis. It is also important that the engineer have confidence in the estimated reliability of each design. Unfortunately, reliability analysis is often impractical because it requires the engineer to run the simulation models for days on end.

Phoenix Integration has improved the ModelCenter’s ReliabilityPak to address this issue by including a collection of adaptive importance sampling methods which allow engineers to efficiently compute both the reliability of a design and the resulting confidence in the result. The ReliabilityPak now includes eight probabilistic methods from the leading research organization, Southwest Research Institute, which can be used to perform cost effective reliability analyses.

Demonstration featuring: PHX ModelCenter 11.1.1, ReliabilityPak, Probabilistic Methods, Method Selection Wizard, and Reliability Charts & Reports

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