Reduce Cost and Risk with All-New ReliabilityPak | PHOENIX INTEGRATION and SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SwRI)

July 31, 2012
John Daley
Senior Solutions Consultant
Phoenix Integration
David Riha
Principal Engineer
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Today’s manufacturers need to get complex, products to market faster while maintaining quality and minimizing life cycle cost. These are competing objectives that require advanced and more accurate simulation methods to balance uncertainty and variability. But in the real world it is not possible to create an “exact” product. Instead variation from materials, manufacturing, and environmental conditions must be considered.

An “optimal” design that works well under exact conditions may in fact fail when variation is introduced. This can lead to product recalls, warranty expenses, and costly rework. Early simulation using probabilistic methods, however, can help improve reliability and minimize the life-cycle cost, while meeting other performance requirements. The goal is to make the right trade-offs and modify the design before costs get locked in.

To meet this goal, Phoenix Integration has introduced the ReliabilityPak, a collection of analytical and sampling based methods, packaged into its single trade study tool within PHX ModelCenter®. The ReliabilityPak includes four probabilistic methods from the leading research organization, Southwest Research Institute, which can be used for a number of studies, including reliability and robust designs as well as durability studies.

Demonstration featuring: PHX ModelCenter 10.1, ReliabilityPak, Probablistic Methods, Method Selection Wizard, Multiple Sampling Distribution Types, Reliability-based Design Optimization, and Reliability Charts & Reports

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