Ansys ModelCenter 2022 R1

Release Date
January 31, 2022

Ansys is pleased to announce the release of Ansys ModelCenter® 2022 R1

This release includes product updates, new plug-ins, and bug fixes. Highlights of this release include:

MBSE Product Updates

  • Behavior Execution Engine that allows customers to execute large and complex SysML state machine diagrams in Cameo (MagicDraw) to verify system behavior.
  • This new capability enables engineers to accurately verify system behavior and performance early in the design cycle, helping to reduce costs and design better products.  
  • Continued support for Systems Architecture Modeling (SAM) software new releases, including Cameo (MagicDraw) 2021x.

New Plug-Ins for Ansys HFSS, Ansys optiSLang, and Ansys Minerva

  • Dedicated plug-ins make it easier to automate and integrate Ansys tools into ModelCenter automated workflows.
    • Easily integrate Ansys HFSS high fidelity electromagnetics simulations.
    • Provide centralized storage and traceability of all simulation results for data integrity and future reuse of results with Ansys Minerva.
    • Create detailed digital threads to improve the product design process.
    • Connect existing optiSLang workflows and optimization into ModelCenter systems level workflows to extend the digital thread.

Product Repackaging

  • Simplified ModelCenter packaging based on application requirements:
    • Ansys ModelCenter Pro – Workflow automation and integration, including integration of System Architecture Modelers (SAM).
    • Ansys ModelCenter Premium – ModelCenter Pro plus design space exploration capabilities.
    • Ansys ModelCenter Enterprise – ModelCenter Premium plus Behavior Execution Engine.

ModelCenter 14.5.1 Patch for Log4j vulnerability

  • A patched installer for ModelCenter 14.5.1 addressing the Log4j vulnerability is now available.
  • This installer is available for customers with existing ModelCenter 14.5 installations, or who are not yet able to upgrade to 2022 R1.

Upgrading to ModelCenter 2022 R1 requires conversion to new product packaging and licensing.  Talk to your Account Manager or contact Support to upgrade today!

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