ModelCenter MBSE 2.0 for PTC Windchill Modeler

Release Date
November 21, 2019

Phoenix Integration and PTC are pleased to announce the release of Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter MBSE 2.0 for PTC’s Windchill Modeler.

This new release extends the existing integration to add more features and capabilities. In addition to the existing ability of Windchill Modeler’s SySim to simulate and co-simulate with ModelCenter connected simulators, users can now connect any 3rd party simulation tool directly to Windchill Modeler’s models. This gives Windchill Modeler users the ability to execute any 3rd party simulation tool (including full ModelCenter workflows) to validate that the system design meets the system requirements.

  • Connect any simulation software application to PTC Winchill Modeler’s models
      • Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) tools such as Excel, MATLAB, and Simulink
      • CAE Tools such as HyperWorks, NASTRAN, ABAQUS, and ANSYS
      • Legacy FORTRAN or C++ applications
      • Python, Java, and VB scripts
      • Databases and PDM/PLM solutions
      • Almost anything else
      • Complex analyses workflows combining & chaining any of the above
  • Run the connected simulation directly from Windchill Modeler
  • Validate system designs comply with the requirements early in the design lifecycle
  • Use the integrated dashboard view to see at glance which requirements are satisfied and which are not
  • Use ModelCenter’s trade study engine to find designs that satisfy requirements
  • Optionally update the systems model with these new designs and reconfirm the requirements are met

If you have any questions or need login information to download ModelCenter MBSE 2.0 for PTC Windchill Modeler, CONTACT SUPPORT.

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