Solving the Challenges of Processing Simulation Results and Sharing High Fidelity Simulation Insights | VCOLLAB

March 19, 2020
Mr. Prasad Mandava
Chief Executive Officer
Visual Collaboration Technologies


The promise of simulation to reduce costs while improving product quality has been constrained by the lack of solutions for smart processing of simulation results and the capability to create and share the high-fidelity simulation insights with stakeholders. Modeling, pre-processing, and solving have been the focus of investment for more than a decade, leaving simulation results processing and intelligent reporting to be handled via primarily manual processes.

Today, expert simulation analysts waste countless hours creating simulation reports using 2D tools like PowerPoint, trying to convey the complexities of 3D simulation insights to design and manufacturing engineers, suppliers, and others involved in the product development. Analysts must make educated guesses about which snapshots of 3D simulation results to copy and paste into static formats for sharing.

Alongside this, identification of critical results (for example, hotspots) is typically done manually, as is the creation of comparisons of different design iterations – another important aspect of intelligent simulation information. For example, comparing design iterations and design variants or comparing multiple types of stresses  or frequencies is a very time-consuming task. This not only absorbs valuable analyst time, it also introduces the potential for error as comparisons must be created and communicated manually, across many 2D snapshots of 3D information.

In this webinar, VCollab’s CEO, Prasad Mandava, will demonstrate proven solutions which can be used to automate post-processing while streamlining the creation of simulation reports and enhancing the quality of the information which is shared, all of which lead to better products.  

The VCollab solution runs within Phoenix Integration workflows, making it a valuable add-on for companies which use the Phoenix Integration solution.

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