Towards the Industrialization of New MDO Methodologies – Tool for Aircraft Design
MBE: Model Based Engineering, MDAO: Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization
Authors: Anne Gazaix, François Gallard, Vincent Gachelin, et al

An overall summary of the Institute of Technology IRT Saint Exupéry MDA-MDO project (Multi-Disciplinary Analysis – Multidisciplinary Design Optimization) is presented. The aim of the project is to develop efficient capabilities (methods, tools and a software platform) to enable industrial deployment of MDO methods in industry. At IRT Saint Exupéry, industrial and academic partners collaborate in a single place to the development of MDO methodologies; the advantage provided by this mixed organization is to directly benefit from both advanced methods at the cutting edge of research and deep knowledge of industrial needs and constraints. 

This paper presents the three main goals of the project:

The elaboration of innovative MDO methodologies and formulations (also referred to as architectures in the literature) adapted to the resolution of industrial aircraft optimization design problems, the development of a MDO platform featuring scalable MDO capabilities for transfer to industry and the achievement of a simulation-based optimization of an aircraft engine pylon with industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) tools.

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