Visualize Complex, Multi-dimensional Design Spaces | PHOENIX INTEGRATION

September 14, 2010
Peter Menegay, Ph. D.
Senior Solutions Engineer
Phoenix Integration

When performing trade studies with parametric models of complex systems, engineers must navigate large, complex design spaces using basic plotting tools. Searching for the best designs with optimization algorithms and communicating results to management less familiar with design optimization technology can be difficult.

PHX ModelCenter® enables engineers to automate and integrate design codes and build complex parametric models of systems. Phoenix Integration’s Data Visualizer helps design engineers to easily see trade-offs between competing designs, as well as interactively and intuitively explore a design space to locate best designs in minimal time.

Demonstration featuring: Data Visualizer, advanced plotting options including glyph, parallel coordinates, and scatter matrix, the “Design by Shopping” approach to optimization, and Geometry Tooltips

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