Value Proposition

A flexible, open, easy to use simulation management framework is required to implement Simulation Driven Design and to capture, organize, and share the processes, models, input data, results, and conclusions that are generated by an engineering team over the life of a project. If modeling and simulation capabilities can be effectively managed and shared across the engineering organization, significant efficiency and productivity benefits can be realized.

Phoenix Integration has developed an innovative software framework called the Phoenix Integration Software Suite for flexibly meeting the needs of Simulation Driven Design. Working within the framework, engineers are able to create and maintain a library of modeling and simulation tools and simulation workflows, automatically execute the workflows, leverage high performance computing resources to perform trade studies and ask "what-if" questions, and archive, manage, and share the resulting data and meta-data. In short, the Phoenix Software Suite allows engineers and engineering organizations to dramatically increase the number of design concepts studied for a given program, and more effectively answer the following questions:

  • "How can I make my engineering team more efficient?"
  • "What is the tradeoff between objective A and objective B?"
  • "How can I study more design alternatives without lengthening the design cycle?"
  • "How do make my disparate tools work together?"
  • "How can I include impacts from other disciplines in my analysis?"
  • "How can I assure that engineer A will get the same results as engineer B?"
  • "Why was this design chosen over the others? What other alternatives were considered?"
  • "Are there models or data from a previous project that can be reused on my new project?"