Connected Automotive Design.
Multi-physics. Multi-discipline. Multi-System.

Stop working in silos! ModelCenter® breaks down the barriers between the multiple automotive systems and enables you to integrate the best simulation tools to explore optimal designs while connecting this information to your MBSE systems architecture model and requirements.

Freedom to choose & connect your engineering software

ModelCenter® is the framework for Model Based Engineering. Our vendor-neutral software framework enables you to create and automate multi-tool workflows regardless of the software or engineering discipline. Optimize product designs and enable Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). We don’t replace your current tools; we help them run and communicate more efficiently.

  • Reduce Development Costs
  • Improve Engineering Efficiency
  • Stimulate Innovation
  • Design Competitive Products
  • See the Big Picture

All decisions have consequences


Engineering is full of trade-offs. What if you could optimize your design considering important interactions and synergies between all engineering domains?

Work from the same playbook


ModelCenter® enables you to connect system architecture and requirements with simulation results, which will reduce development cost and risk by helping engineers identify and correct problems early in the design cycle.

Systems are complex.
Make your workflows easy

ModelCenter® is designed to make it easy to create and automate your engineering tasks regardless of the software or discipline. Even if your tools or process changes, ModelCenter® allows you to modify your workflow without missing a beat.

Integrating ADAS with
simulation-based verification

Run millions of miles virtually with the ability to generate, run, and post-process many scenarios quickly. Know how your vehicle will respond in a multitude of different situations to give you a clear, big picture.

Optimize Electrification Architecture

With modern vehicles becoming more electrified, the architecture of each electrical system is rapidly increasing in complexity. ModelCenter® can help you identify the best harness architecture quicker and easier while synchronizing with the vehicle’s other components.

The Digital Thread &
Model Based Engineering

Connect engineering silos so that all engineering domains can utilize the same data and design and get a holistic view of the product’s performance across the product’s lifecycle. Now you can make true trade decisions while leveraging a connection to Systems Engineering and your PLM ecosystem to address the ever-increasing complexity of the automotive design.

Automotive Projects & Resources

Virtual Workshop: MDAO and MBSE for Automotive Design

On-Demand Virtual Events Workshop

To manage the rapidly increasing complexity of vehicles, automotive engineers need to be able to make informed decisions very early in the design process, understand how decisions made for one system will impact other systems and the overall vehicle, and manage trade-offs… Read More

CAD-Based Design Optimization of a Race Car Front Wing

On-Demand Webinar

Phoenix Integration and Pointwise demonstrate push-button design optimization for the front wing of a race car geometry. The tools and methodology used are highlighted and a design resulting in maximum downforce is identified… Read More

Functional Verification of Complex Engineering Designs using System-Level Modeling

On-Demand Webinar

Phoenix Integration and Maplesoft – As engineered products become increasingly complex, manufacturers are forced to rethink their design processes, and there has been a growing adoption of… Read More

A Better Design with Model-Based Systems Engineering: Functional Verification using System-Level Modeling

On-Demand Webinar

Phoenix Integration and Maplesoft – Complex engineering systems are managing more requirements than ever before, and at every stage of the development process… Read More

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