ModelCenter Enables Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO)

Multi-disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) is a methodology that enables the analysis and optimization of a complete system by explicitly considering important interactions and synergies between disciplines. This results in designs that are superior to those found by conventional methods.

ModelCenter makes MDAO possible by giving organizations the ability to:

  • Create automated workflows encompassing analysis tools and processes from different disciplines.
  • Repeatedly execute these workflows to quickly explore and quantify the performance, cost, and risk of many different design alternatives.
  • Perform sensitivity analyses to find the most important variables, visualize and explore the design space to understand key relationships and trends, ask “what if?” questions, and make better decisions.
  • Run optimization algorithms to find the best designs and execute probabilistic analyses to evaluate the robustness and reliability of their designs.

This results in designs that are more innovative and have higher performance at lower cost compared to those obtained using conventional methods.

MDAO Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization
ModelCenter's design space visualization tools help engineers interpret and analyze the data collected from multi-run trade-studies
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