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ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration is a graphical environment for automation, integration, and design optimization that supports your entire product development team. It allows you to lower cost and reduce product development time. With PHX ModelCenter, you can quickly create an engineering process and then explore the design space to find the best design. PHX ModelCenter is adaptable, and works well with groups whose design processes change frequently.

The engineering process is inherently about making design decisions and tradeoffs between competing objectives. There are often too many choices and too little time to evaluate them all. Computer simulation has helped the process by allowing engineers and analysts to create "virtual" prototypes. Even with simulation, however, design is largely an intuition based guessing game to find good designs. Furthermore, design decisions increasingly have cross-discipline impacts that are not understood by any one expert thus limiting the effectiveness of commonly used experience based approaches.

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A collection of analytical and sampling based methods packaged into a single trade study tool within PHX ModelCenter. Leverage probabilistic methods from the leading research organization, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), for drastically more efficient results and to arrive at better, more stable designs with reduced cost, over-conservatism, and guesswork.

Monte Carlo simulation, which is often referred to as the "exact solution", is often impractical for large-scale/high fidelity problems due to its inefficiency. Recent use cases where ReliabilityPak methods were leveraged to perform reliability-based design optimization reveal time savings by orders of magnitude—almost a 1000% time reduction without a major compromise in accuracy. Release Features

Enable multidisciplinary design and analysis. Speed trade studies by converging on designs in a given trade space. Features over 30 algorithms from leading research organizations including: Boeing's Design Explorer, Sandia Labs' DAKOTA, VR&D's DOT and BIGDOT, and SwarmOps.

All included algorithms have been benchmarked against over 20 design problems, then the results were compiled into our Optimization Tool Benchmark Report. Leverage the report to identify a problem similar to yours, then see how each algorithm performed against the problem.

Automate and integrate design codes and build complex parametric models of systems. Visualize complex, multi-dimensional design spaces and perform intuitive, interactive design exploration. Free dashboard views improve communication and the decision-making process.

Directly integrate parameters for leading CAD and CAE applications with PHX ModelCenter analysis without scripting or programming. Link conceptual and preliminary design teams in a common, interactive environment.