DME Webinar | Integrated Modeling and Simulation to Support the Digital Mission Engineering Environment | PARSONS

October 26, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET
Mr. Stephen Thomas
Technical Director


This paper presents an architecture and a methodology to integrate multiple models and simulations into workflows to address the interactions between complex systems of systems in a mission level context.  Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a maturing capability that combines tools, languages, and methodologies to create a living Systems Engineering V and includes the rigor and configuration management to maintain a single source of truth for system configurations, requirements, and Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) and Key System Attributes (KSAs). 

MBSE is an essential ingredient to managing the increasing complexity of systems and subsystems and is a major component of Digital Engineering.  However, when extending this capability into the world of System of Systems, additional considerations are required.  Stakeholder needs at this level involve requirements to be aggregated across many different systems and are more related to mission level performance.  Individual M&S of various systems may be done at various levels of fidelity and this increases the complexity as well. 

In addition, the scope of the work involves multiple teams and subject matter experts that often reside in multiple locations.  So, data analytics, M&S, and studies and analyses integration become a complex problem. 

This paper addresses these issues using an open architecture for software integration and tools and methods for data sharing and analytics across the broad range of engineering teams that are in multiple locations.

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