MBSE Partner Session | Engineering from Architecture to Analysis and Design: A Practical Look using GENESYS and ModelCenter | Vitech | PHOENIX INTEGRATION

June 21, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET
Mr. Steve Cash
Principal Systems Engineer
Mr. David Long
Mr. Alexandre Luc
Application Engineer
Phoenix Integration


This webinar will show the collaborative partnership between Vitech and Phoenix Integration and the advancements in MBSE. 

For more than 25 years, Vitech has delivered innovative, industry-leading solutions which provide the tools and insight required to define, develop, and manage complex systems for government agencies as well as private and public companies across the globe. Vitech’s solutions are built upon a solid foundation of systems engineering and architecture software combined with the experience of our professional services team.

Vitech’s GENESYS™ software gives you the insight to significantly enhance program productivity, reduce risks and lower costs, as well as improve project results. With its open API, best-in-class authoring capabilities, and conformance to SysML and DoDAF standards, Vitech’s software is the ideal solution for today’s architecture-driven design.

As products become more complex and our environment becomes more dynamic, successfully delivering the right product is more challenging than ever. Whether you are leveraging MBSE or Digital Engineering, the right architecture establishes the foundation for managing complexity and specifying design envelopes with the required clarity, structure, and traceability between problem and solution. But architecture in isolation can easily drift into a dream world of possibilities. Analytics ground us in the art of the possible as we engineer with rigor.

Using the example of engineering a new video drone, this session will provide a practical walkthrough of the successful application of both the architectural and analytic dimensions of model-based systems engineering. With GENESYS, we will demonstrate a pragmatic approach to effectively capturing the system requirements and then defining and capturing the solution architecture to drive detailed design, implementation, and verification. In doing so, we will capture and expose the critical design parameters and use the descriptive model along with ModelCenter to conduct technical and business value trade studies. We then highlight how the descriptive architecture can feed detailed design and the greater Digital Engineering workflow. The result is an accessible, scalable, and tailorable approach to model-based engineering.

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