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September 17, 2018 - September 20, 2018
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Attend our Session:  Tues | Sept 18, 2018 | 03:50 – 04:30 pm MST

Tradespace Exploration of MBSE and MBE Integrated Workflows


Joshua Edwards
Application Engineer
Tony Davenport
Regional Sales Manager, North America

Because of the recent gains in Model Based approaches to system engineering (MBSE), there is a need for integration of system architecture models with more sophisticated MBE tools for requirement verification and system optimization. The overall objective is to minimize program risk and program cost, while maximizing system performance and meeting or exceeding program objectives.

Implied in the above is the need for a method to integrate existing domain expert models (physics, financial, etc.,) into a system of system model that can reliably verify and validate the real-world physical system before parts are manufactured and assembled.  And do this as early as possible in the product life cycle so that mistakes don’t scale as a program moves from affordability (purchase) through the sustainability (field) phases.

This presentation will show how bi-directional integration of MBE with MBSE system models can provide domain expert simulation models to systems engineers, so that system engineers at the earliest stages of concept and design can perform graphical tradespace analysis that includes design sensitivity, design optimization, and risk/reliability analysis.  The presentation will show how these methods are used to make decisions during the acquisition process (conceptual design) and transition into manufacturing (production).  The presentation will conclude with a description of how this is being accomplished across organizations (internally and within the supply chain) that are spread across wide geographical distances while securing Intellectual Property and data integrity and model portability.

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