Meet Phoenix Integration at the EnergyTech 2019 Conference and Expo | Cleveland, OH | USA

October 21, 2019 - October 25, 2019
08:00 am - 07:00 pm
Cleveland International Exposition Center
Cleveland IX Center
1 I-X Center Drive
Cleveland, OH 44135 | USA
Julie Cunningham
540.961.7215 x:333


Phoenix Integration is a PROUD Sponsor, Presenter and Exhibitor at the ENERGYTECH 2019, Cleveland International Exposition Center, Ohio, USA. 

Visit our Booth #C and learn how ModelCenter enables Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and how it can be used to reduce the cost and risk of complex system design.

Attend our Technical Presentation: Digital Mission Engineering: Physics-Infused Descriptive Models STK, ModelCenter and SysML presented by Mr. Joshua W. Edwards, Senior Application Engineer, PHOENIX INTEGRATION, and Mo Syed, Systems Engineer, AGI, on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, ET, Cleveland International Exposition Center, Room 25, Session 9.  

Digital Mission Engineering allows engineering professionals to capture mission objectives and requirements digitally and connect them to the broader ecosystem to create a persistent digital thread throughout the entire product or system lifecycle. Using this methodology, we will:

  • Connect engineering and mission analysis to systems models from early trade space analysis through operations and sustainment.
  • Develop physics-infused descriptive models with STK and SysML tools like Cameo. Descriptive models in SysML tools can take advantage of STK’s physics-based modeling and simulation environment using ModelCenter.
  • Extend STK mission models with detailed ANSYS simulation tools, and integrating these models with descriptive models using Cameo and Phoenix Integration ModelCenter.
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