MBSE Keynote Webinar | Model-Based Engineering Environments and the MBSE Disruption | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

April 15, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET
Mr. Chris Delp
Group Supervisor
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Technical endeavors have always used the concept of models. Models are fundamental to the way humans think and solve problems. 

Efforts around modeling with software attempt to capture and reflect the abstract nature of human reasoning and memory. As engineering modeling languages and analysis capability evolve, engineering organizations are approaching a transformative condition where Engineering Environments enable modeling as a basis for Engineering work. These environments incorporate sophisticated collaboration and configuration control on top of massively scaled computing, promising a modern digital experience known as a Model-Based Engineering Environment or MBEE. 

The role of the engineering model today captures designs and analysis that address engineering concerns. The Model-Based Engineering Environment becomes a critical means of achieving Products and Engineering Practices that are based on models. 

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