The Future of Model Based Engineering

Summer 2020 | Multi-Event Online Series

Technology | Workshops | Expert Panel Discussions

ModelCenter® Integrate

Drives Productivity

ModelCenter® Integrate increases your productivity by enabling you to execute significantly more simulations with less time and fewer resources.

ModelCenter® MBSE

Enables MBSE

ModelCenter® MBSE reduces development cost and risk by helping engineers identify and correct problems early in the design cycle – before they become too costly to fix.

ModelCenter® Explore

Drives Innovation

ModelCenter® Explore drives innovation and product quality by enabling you to thoroughly explore and understand the design space, make better decisions, and find optimal solutions.

ModelCenter® Cloud

Collaborate + Innovate

ModelCenter® Cloud is a web environment that connects people and processes to enable collaborative design and leverages high- performance computing to drive innovation.

ModelCenter® MBSE – Extend MBE

Learn how to decrease development costs by implementing MBSE in your organization

3-Part Online Event Series


Technology Webinar

Introduction to ModelCenter® MBSE 14.0. Integrate any engineering analysis with any systems engineering tool: MagicDraw, Windchill Modeler, Rhapsody, and GENESYS. Validate requirements and make MBSE a reality.

Live Sessions:
ModelCenter® MBSE 14.0 will be presented at three different times for your convenience. 


DME Workshop

Learn how ModelCenter® enables integration from single components to system-level (MBSE) to deliver Digital Mission Engineering (DME).

The workshop will be presented by:

  • Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, Deputy Director, Engineering Tools and Environments at Office of Secretary of Defense
  • Mr. Tony Davenport, Regional Sales Manager at Phoenix Integration Inc.
  • Mr. Kevin Flood, VP Engineering at Analytical Graphics, Inc.
  • Mr. Joshua Edwards, Senior Application Engineer at Phoenix Integration Inc.
  • Mr. Joshua Reicher, Senior Engineer, Special Projects Lead at Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Live Session:


Expert Panel Discussion

Hear from and interact with industry and government MBSE experts.

Live Session: 

  • Week of July 13th – Registration and more details coming soon

ModelCenter® Cloud – Expand Collaboration & Enable Innovation

Learn how to ModelCenter® Cloud is connecting people and technology to drive MBE

2-Part Online Event Series


Technology Webinar

Enable global collaboration and innovation with the new ModelCenter Cloud.

Key Updates:

  • Re-architected for performance, scalability, and robustness.
  • Experience our new user interface with fully integrated visualization and design space exploration capabilities

Live Sessions:
ModelCenter® Cloud 14.0 will be presented at three different times for your convenience. 


Future Technology Workshop

Even as we introduce many new features and capabilities, Phoenix Integration is continuing to innovate and develop new technologies to continue our leadership in the Model Based Engineering arena. We will describe our current work in detail.

The workshop will be presented by:

  • Mr. Chris Delp, Manager Systems and Software Environment at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Dr. Andy Ko, Director, Engineering Services at Phoenix Integration
  • Dr. Scott Ragon, Director, Technical Business Development at Phoenix Integration

Live Session:

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