MBSE Webinar | Modeling the Digital Enterprise: An Approach to Organizational Modeling through the Application of Enterprise Architecture & MBSE | NORTHROP GRUMMAN

October 5, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET
Mr. Kerron Duncan
Director of Architecture and Engineering (A&E)
Northrop Grumman | Enterprise Services


Throughout history, companies have been driven to business transformation or find themselves left behind by new or existing competitors that were able to pivot and invest in the right transformational concepts necessary to support their current and emerging customer needs.

Enterprises must constantly align and re-align business strategy to meet expectations, innovate throughout all stages of the value chain and remain vigilant when aligning their data, applications, and technology roadmaps to evolve the enterprise capabilities at the speed of relevance.

Enterprise Architecture has long been a discipline designed to lead enterprises through the process of aligning their vision, strategy, and IT platforms to achieve business outcomes in an environment of uncertainty while capitalizing on business disruptions.

Model-Based Systems Engineering on the other hand has typically been used to model the lifecycles of products, systems, and missions, aligned to a particular set of domains or phenomenology.

In this briefing, we will discuss the application of model-based systems engineering and enterprise architecture to develop models of an example organization with a mission to drive the insertion and adoption of technology at an enterprise scale.  We will apply the systems modeling language (SysML) to capture the relevant system artifacts but also use ModelCenter to support multi-variate trades involving technology disruption, resource allocation, workforce planning, and vendor capability assessment.

Overall, the goal is to demonstrate that the same techniques used to model products can be applied to model organizations composed of people, technology, and processes.

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