NDIA – 2020 Virtual Systems and Mission Engineering Conference

November 10, 2020


Not all data is created equal: Solving the problem of traceability and repeatability with analysis workflows

Phoenix Integration will present research that addresses the challenge of analysis repeatability and traceability. This is done by identifying the data types within an engineering process, archiving them in repositories that suits its purpose and use, and connecting them with metadata.

The challenge of analysis traceability and results repeatability is one that the engineering community has struggled with for a long time. While it is a key capability in the idea of the digital thread, its implementation has only been met with limited success. Phoenix Integration will present research and results that addresses these challenges by identifying the different data types within an engineering process and archiving them in the appropriate repositories that suit its purpose and use. Then, with rich metadata, these repositories can be connected to form a digital thread. This is done by using key technology within the Phoenix Integration ModelCenter® software and adapting current software engineering techniques. Such a solution can then serve as a solid foundation for analysis workflows to be repeatable, traceable, portable, shareable, and extendable. We will show and demonstrate the feasibility of this concept by using available IT technology including distributed version-control systems, cloud computing resources, and containerization technology. This capability is more critical as industry and government adopt Model Based Engineering (MBE) practices. Additionally, it enables model reuse which would be required when adopted throughout the lifecycle.