Phoenix Integration Awarded a NASA SBIR Phase II to Develop a Collaborative Framework for Model Based Engineering Sharing

June 16, 2020



PHOENIX INTEGRATION is pleased to announce the award of a SBIR Phase II for NASA to develop a trusted, collaborative framework for Model Based Engineering sharing.  

Model Based Engineering has been adopted across the full product lifecycle in many organizations. However, the ability to share disparate models across teams, organizational boundaries, and among communities of practice is a challenge. Model reuse is important because it minimizes the need to re-invent the wheel for each new project or initiative. Additionally, organizations face the challenge of model traceability and results repeatability. 

Phoenix Integration proposes to address these challenges by developing an easy-to-use analysis model sharing platform, coupled with a reliable and repeatable way of deploying those analysis models. Moreover, enabling the execution of these analyses on cloud computing resources opens the possibility of easy accessibility, including automatic model verification. This can be used across all industries and engineering applications, including aerospace & defense, automotive, scientific research and heavy industries. 

 About Phoenix Integration  

Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter® is the framework for Model Based Engineering. ModelCenter® is a vendor-neutral software platform for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). It is used by leading organizations worldwide to reduce development costs, improve engineering efficiency, stimulate innovation, and design more competitive products. Successful applications can be found in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.  For more information, visit 


This research will enable us to create an engineering digital thread that is truly repeatable and traceable. It has been sought after in the engineering community for a long time. We are proud to be able to develop new technologies that expand upon our existing core capabilities and continue to provide useful innovations that directly meets our customer’s needs. Said Dr Andy Ko, Director, Engineering Services.