ModelCenter 11.0 and MBSEPak 2.0

Release Date
June 2, 2014

PHOENIX INTEGRATION is pleased to announce the release of ModelCenter® 11.1 and MBSEPak 2.0.

PHX ModelCenter

11.1 addresses over 30 user requests, with an emphasis on long-running trade studies.Key items introduced with PHX ModelCenter 11.1 include:

  • Integration with PHX AnalysisLibrary®—PHX ModelCenter users can browse, save data to, and load data from any AnalysisLibrary server.
  • Run-Only Mode—PHX ModelCenter can be started in an optional run–only mode. In this mode, the user is prohibited from running or saving the model if any changes to the model structure are detected.
  • More Robust Communication—Analysis Server components automatically reconnect to PHX ModelCenter if there are minor network interruptions

MBSEPak 2.0 introduces a number of enhancements and new features. These include:

  • Parts Catalog—Users can define parts catalogs for SysML blocks. This feature allows systems engineers to perform system trade studies using off–the–shelf components.
  • Handling of Sophisticated Requirements—Test case matrices can be used to check requirements with multiple test conditions.
  • Behavioral Diagrams—MBSEAnalyzer and PHX ModelCenter can be called from SysML behavioral diagrams (MagicDraw® only).
  • Scripting Support—MBSEAnalyzer and PHX ModelCenter can evaluate simple scripts embedded in a SysML constraint block without the need for an Analysis Server component.

To download PHX ModelCenter 11.1 and MBSEPak 2.0, click here

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