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Phoenix Integration is pleased to announce the next set of public ModelCenter Training Courses. We will offer courses focusing on two areas:

1. Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO)
2. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

These courses will be held at our offices in Novi, Michigan. Sign up now for one of these courses to learn how to improve engineering productivity, design better products, and reduce risk and cost!


JUN 23 – JUN 26, 2020
JUL 21 – JUL 24, 2020
AUG 18 – AUG 21, 2020

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ModelCenter Public Training

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  • There is an 6 person limit per course. Sign up now!
  • All required computers, software and training materials will be provided. There is no need to bring your own computer.
  • Class hours are 8 am to 5 pm daily

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Select your option/s when registering.
  • $1,000 ModelCenter Integrate (2 days)
  • $   500 ModelCenter Explore (1 day)
  • $   500 ModelCenter MBSE (1 day)
  • $2,000 for the full Public Training Package

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NOVI MI  48375  USA


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ModelCenter Integrate (2 days)

This course is a basic introduction to ModelCenter. It is the foundation class.


  • Automate almost any engineering analysis tool (legacy, COTS, etc.)
  • Build and execute automated workflows
  • Share automated workflows and analyses with colleagues and partners
  • Run Parametric Studies and Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Learn advanced workflow tools and features

Trainees finishing this course will have the capability to automate almost any software application and connect them together to create automated workflows.

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ModelCenter Explore (1 Day)

This comprehensive training course covers all of our design exploration and optimization tools.


  • Run sensitivity analyses to identify the most influential variables  
  • Interactively visualize the multi-dimensional design space
  • Understand the trade-offs between cost, performance, and risk
  • Run advanced optimization algorithms: Gradient, Genetic, and Hybrid algorithms
  • Create and utilize Surrogate Models (Response Surface Models)

Trainees finishing this course will learn how to explore their design space and apply optimization techniques to find better designs. 

Prerequisites: Previous completion of the ModelCenter Integrate training or equivalent ModelCenter practical experience.

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ModelCenter MBSE (1 Day)

This course teaches the student how to integrate analysis with the MBSE systems model using ModelCenter MBSE and MagicDraw,


  • Integrate descriptive systems models (SysML) with ModelCenter analysis models
  • Perform requirements compliance analysis
  • Perform trade studies from within the SysML modeling tool
  • Update the systems model with analysis and trade study results

Trainees finishing this course will be able to link a MagicDraw SysML model to ModelCenter and perform analysis and/or trade studies.

Prerequisites: Previous completion of the ModelCenter Integrate training or equivalent ModelCenter practical experience. Familiarity with the SysML tool used in the course as well as experience in modeling in SysML..


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