Scott Woyak

Scott Woyak has always been interested in cutting edge technology.

His penchant for inquiry and creativity led him to a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1991. His graduate research concentration in CAD/CAE computer technologies resulted in a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 1995. Dr. Woyak’s research focused on enabling the easy integration of complex and diverse engineering computer simulations. Upon graduation, along with fellow Ph.D. student Brett Malone and faculty advisor Arvid Myklebust, Dr. Woyak formed Phoenix Integration Inc. to commercialize and further advance the technologies envisioned at Virginia Tech. Dr. Woyak began his career at Phoenix Integration as V.P./Director of Research and Development where, in 1997, he led the commercial introduction of Phoenix’s flagship product ModelCenter. Dr. Woyak later became CEO in 2006, leading the company through profitable growth. After 20 years of operational management with Phoenix, Dr. Woyak now serves as the Founding Board Member as well as contributing to special projects driving future research and development.

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