Application of integrated modeling and analysis to development of complex systems
MBE: Model Based Engineering, MBSE: Model Based Systems Engineering
Authors: Hongman Kim, David Fried, Peter Menegay and Grant Soremekun, Christopher Oster

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is an approach to improve traditional document-based systems engineering approach through the use of a system model. In the current practice of system developments, there exists a large gap between systems engineering activities and engineering analyses, because systems engineers and engineering analysts are using different models, tools and terminology. The gap results in inefficiencies and quality issues that can be very expensive to fix. An integrated modeling and analysis capability was developed that bridges the gap. The technical approach is based on integrating SysML modeling tools with a process integration and design optimization framework. A capability was developed to automatically generate analysis models from a system model and then execute the analytical models. The integrated toolset enables engineers to quickly evaluate system configurations using realistic analysis models and automatically check requirements compliance. The capability was applied to a number of system development projects in industry, including a ground-based radar system. The integrated approach allowed the design teams to perform continuous design, analysis, and trade studies throughout the design process, and respond quickly to changes in requirements and design configurations.

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