Development of a framework for truss-braced wing conceptual MDO
MBE: Model Based Engineering, MDAO: Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization
Author: Ohad Gur · Manav Bhatia · William H. Mason · Joseph A. Schetz · Rakesh K. Kapania · Taewoo Nam

The paper describes the development of a multidisciplinary design optimization framework for conceptual design of truss-braced wing configurations. This unconventional configuration requires specialized analysis tools supported by a modular and flexible framework to accommodate different configurations. While the previous framework developed at Virginia Tech was a monolithic Fortran-77 code, the need for more flexibility for complex truss-braced wing configurations was addressed by the development of this new framework, which is based on Phoenix Integration ModelCenterTM environment. The framework uses updated structural and aerodynamic design modules that enable a more general geometry definition. The new framework, thus, provides a foundation for future design concepts, especially multi-member trussbraced wing configurations. The fuel saving potential of these truss-braced wing configurations is presented by comparing different truss designs with gradually increased level of complexity.

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