An Integrated Systems Modeling and Analysis Platform for Flight Project Work
MBSE: Model Based Systems Engineering, Distributed Engineering
Authors: Bjorn Cole, J. Simmons

A rapidly maturating systems modeling community has seen a growth in available tools and technological support. A major promise of systems modeling has been a new level of multidisciplinary analysis. This paper presents an advance on this front in the ability to connect the web-based infrastructure growing around MBSE and the desktop-based infrastructure of traditional aerospace engineering analysis. An extension of the MBSEPak tool was developed with support from both JPL and Phoenix Integration. This extension allows a model stored on the OpenMBEE web-based modeling platform to automatically generate an executable workflow on the ModelCenter Cloud web-based analysis platform. This paper describes this new tool in the context of the larger approach to MBSE infrastructure at JPL. While the new tool has yet to see full deployment, incremental improvements in analytical work realized in the larger infrastructure are discussed.

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