The Revolution in Simulation Initiative Continues to Expand as Phoenix Integration Joins a Growing Alliance of Sponsors

April 14, 2021

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CINCINNATI, OH; April 14, 2021 – The global simulation industry collaboration and technology alliance Revolution in Simulation (“Rev-Sim” at, created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, announces Phoenix Integration ( as a new participating sponsor and collaborator.

Dr. Scott Ragon, Director, Technical Business Development, said “Model Based Engineering (MBE) is a holistic approach to product development, manufacturing, and lifecycle support that uses digital models to drive all engineering activities. MBE begins with the definition of system requirements and continues throughout the whole product life cycle. It is fundamentally a multidisciplinary approach, allowing engineers to understand important interactions and synergies between engineering subsystems and the impact of local design decisions on the behavior of the complete system.  This enables them to make informed decisions very early in the design process as they now understand how decisions made for one system will impact other systems and the overall vehicle, and to manage trade-offs between performance, cost and requirements.”

Phoenix Integration adds its name to a steadily increasing list of participating sponsors that now includes Aras, ASSESS, BETA CAE, Dassault SolidWorks, EASA, ESRD, Front End Analytics, Future Facilities, Hexagon/MSC, Kinetic Vision, Modelon, NAFEMS, nTopology, Ohio Supercomputer Center, OnScale, PASS Suite, Pointwise, Siemens, UberCloud and VCollab. Each of these simulation leaders are providing expert leadership in the movement to make engineering simulation software more accessible, efficient, reliable, and impactful not just for CAE experts but also for others across the enterprise – what is commonly referred to as the Democratization of Simulation. The demand for automated simulation is exploding, resulting in next-generation usage of traditional, expert-driven simulation tools and platforms.

Rev-Sim Director of Partnerships, Mike Nieburg said, “Each of our sponsors are working to advance and expand the use and value of engineering simulation software by innovating within their market spaces. We are excited to have Phoenix Integration join us demonstrating their revolutionary thought-leadership and technology in a collaborative alliance that benefits all industrial users of engineering simulation.”

About Phoenix Integration

Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter® is the framework for Model Based Engineering. ModelCenter® is a vendor-neutral software platform for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). It is used by leading organizations worldwide to reduce development costs, improve engineering efficiency, stimulate innovation, and design more competitive products. Successful applications can be found in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.

About Rev-Sim LLC

Revolution in Simulation is a web-based resource and community-building platform that educates, advocates, collaborates and innovates for the advancement and democratization of engineering simulation. The Rev-Sim.Org website offers the largest curated collection of engineering simulation news, articles, presentations, white papers, videos, recorded webinars, case studies, and directories of software and consulting service providers to help organizations maximize the impact and ROI from simulation investments.

Existing and new industry users of simulation technologies are invited to explore our resources and submit questions about democratization to our panel of subject matter experts and topic moderators at Solution providers are invited to join the revolution by contacting Mike Nieburg at


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