MBSE Webinar | A Structured Approach to Integration | NORTHROP GRUMMAN SPACE SYSTEMS

August 4, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET
Mr. Cory Kinsel
Engineer Systems Architect
Northrop Grumman Space Systems


It takes a lot of planning and structure to integrate two systems, whether it be software or hardware.  So why should integrating a descriptive model and an analytic model be any different? Creating a templated structure within our descriptive modeling space allows for a more consistent method of integration.

This includes spaces for defining our parameters, defining the goal of the analysis, and a dedicated space for results to end up. The structured approach described enables the engineering decision making process by pulling out the data classes and organizing them to create fit-for-purpose views for use and review. Analyses have different goals and decision making points and capturing those goals and decisions will enable future review.

This presentation will show some lessons learned in this process of developing a templated structured approach in a Cameo SysML model to integrate with a ModelCenter workflow.

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