Building Design

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Stanford Research Reveals Value of PHX ModelCenter Trade Studies for Building Design

The Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University identified the need to integrate CAD/CAE software from various disciplines in building design. Their research found that a very limited exploration of the design space occurs at the conceptual level because existing software is “stovepiped” into a particular discipline—structural, mechanical, lighting, acoustics, etc.—and does not link or share data easily. It was estimated that an entire month is used to generate only a single design alternative. CIFE recognized that the use of MDO (multidisciplinary design optimization) and PIDO (Process Integration Design Optimization) in the aerospace and automotive industries may be applicable to building design. Using PHX ModelCenter to implement MDO methods, the typical building design project with the usual two-to-three design cycles can be improved by several orders of magnitude.

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