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A Robust Approach To Pre-Concept Design of UCAV Considering Survivability

Authors: Joongki Ahn, Suchang Lee, and Jinsoo Kim


In this paper, an aircraft pre-concept design methodology with the explicit survivability analysis is presented as a part of requirement analysis. Using the presented methodology, the robust goal requirement and performance levels can be found through the probabilistic analysis. The design procedure consists of three steps; screening, probabilistic sensitivity analysis, and multi-objective optimization. The whole procedure is organized under the multidisciplinary design optimization framework. In the screening step, the most influential variables are selected by design of experiment method to make an approximate model.

The probabilistic sensitivity analysis step produces the most probable points satisfying customer’s requirement. The multi-objective optimization is incorporated into probabilistic analysis to find robust design points. To allocate the goal performance levels on flight velocity and maneuverability of generic unmanned combat air vehicle, the survivability of the vehicle against surface to air missile is considered quantitatively and explicitly. The design points, which are feasible to the goal requirements and satisfying the threshold requirements, can be obtained through the presented design procedure. Also, the presented methodology is found to be useful when establishing the goal requirement in pre-concept design phase.

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