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VisualizationPak: Understand and Visualize an Engineering Design Space

Author: Scott Woyak, Ph.D., President & CEO, Phoenix Integration


PHX ModelCenter® enables engineers to automate and integrate design codes and build complex parametric models of systems. When performing trade studies with these models, users sometimes face having to navigate large, complex design spaces using basic plotting tools. Searching for the best designs with optimization algorithms and communicating results to management less familiar with design optimization technology can be difficult.

The VisualizationPak is a set of integrated ModelCenter enhancements—Variable Influence Profiler (VIP), Prediction Profiler (PP) and Data Visualizer—which collectively enable visualizing multi-dimensional design spaces to easily locate best designs and present results in comprehensible HTML reports.

In short, the VisualizationPak expedites interpreting data, identifying best designs, and clearly communicating results to decision makers who are ultimately responsible for design acceptance and project funding. Among many additional benefits for engineers, the VisualizationPak helps to understand and visualize an engineering design space, easily navigate the space, and recognize the impacts of different variables in trade studies. More design options can be evaluated and compared in less time, allowing the engineer to implement a "design by shopping" approach to optimization.

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